Our Story

There are two things we can say for sure: 1. Metro-Detroit is bursting at the seams with soccer talent. 2. There is a greater need for better soccer training. With these two ideas in mind, 9 high school/club coaches have come together to answer the call. Soccer is making a push to be mentioned in same conversation as the other major sports in the area, and there needs to be more opportunity not just for training, but the proper kind of training that has found success across the rest of the world. As an ever emerging sport in America, we have the unique opportunity to see what everyone else has done for decades, improve upon it, and add that American edge that is represented so well by the people of Metro-Detroit.

MDC brings all of these goals together to give each player the knowledge they need to improve their game, their team, and their confidence. At MDC each player will receive a personalized player evaluation form that details over 30 specific areas of their game. Coached up through positive-reinforcement, players at MDC will walk away wanting more of the beautiful game!